STN Easy for Intranets Targets Workgroups

Mar 25, 2003

STN Easy for Intranets has released new options designed to allow information professionals to more easily and effectively tailor information services to the needs of defined "workgroups" of scientists. The new options, to become available in April, were announced by CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, at the American Chemical Society national meeting in New Orleans. STN Easy for Intranets will now offer a variety of features to accommodate workgroups. Information administrators will be able to set up workgroup names, logos, and welcome text; review monthly usage by charge-back codes; select subject categories for work groups; create custom categories specifying STN databases of interest; add corporate links; enable different search modes for different groups; and set administrator preferences that can vary by workgroup. STN International is an online service for science and technology, offering a network of more than 200 scientific and technical databases. STN is provided jointly through a North American service center, operated by CAS in Columbus, Ohio; a European service center, operated by FIZ Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe, Germany; and a Japanese service center, operated by the Japan Science and Technology Corporation in Tokyo.