SRC Announces Alteryx Version 4.1

Nov 18, 2008

SRC, LLC, a developer and provider of geographic business intelligence technology, announced the availability of Alteryx and Alteryx Enterprise version 4.1, advanced software solutions that deliver business intelligence. The latest upgrade focuses on unifying map, table, and report browsing in a single tool that offers interactive views and access to spatial and nonspatial data streams within Alteryx data flow modules. This new browse tool can insert a browse window anywhere within an application module stream to view the resulting data. In addition, the new browse tool hosts several other new features including interactive spatial and tabular selection navigation and the ability to view multiple panes simultaneously. Other added enhancements include: full unicode text support, extended styling rules and color palette controls improved spatial intelligence through added spatial summary processes and expanded support for object and spatial databases, and program memory optimizations and new functions in the formula library.