SPIE Launches Two New eJournals on Scitation

Feb 02, 2007

AIP Publishing Services has released its Scitation online platform of two new multimedia-enabled ejournals, published by SPIE--The International Society for Optical Engineering. The publications, Journal of Nanophotonics (JNP) and Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (JRS), are available online and have been integrated into the SPIE Digital Library, also hosted on Scitation. AIP Publishing Services further adapted Peer X-Press (PXP) to accept multimedia objects (audio and video) and extend the review functions to include these items. In addition, AIP expanded PXP's export capability to include Scitation-ready SGML "heads and tails," plus a number of other modifications, all in service of JNP and JRS.

(www.spiedl.org; www.pub4stm.org; www.aip.org)