SOA Software Introduces Registry-Based Web Services Dashboard

Apr 08, 2005

SOA Software (formerly Digital Evolution), a provider of SOA and Web services management, security, and governance solutions, has announced the addition of a registry-based dashboard to its Service Manager. Through real-time alerts and live charts, SOA Software's registry-based dashboard is designed to dramatically improve enterprise customer's ability to discover, manage, and troubleshoot Web services.

The SOA Software Service Manager enables customers to use Web services by securing, monitoring, and managing XML and Web services and providing consistent centralized management of service-oriented architectures (SOAs). The new registry-based dashboard builds on Service Managers capabilities, delivering real-time insight into the performance, health, and availability of Web services through a graphical interface. The dashboard brings to life the pertinent information driven from service meta-data managed by Service Managers built in UDDI version 3 registry. Through visual indicators such as live charts and color-coded graphs, customers can monitor service-level agreements, security thresholds, and vital performance metrics.

SOA Software's registry-based dashboard provides IT departments with an in-depth view into the health and performance of their Web services. Unlike other UDDI registries, the dashboard provides quick service performance evaluation, improved security oversight, and simplified development and management operation. With improved visibility, enterprises can minimize costly SOA management issues and ensure a reliable service-oriented architecture.

The implementation of the SOA Software's registry-based dashboard creates a Web services management and SOA fabric without reliance on a public domain or other 3rd party UDDI server. The SOA Software Registry is a fully compliant v3.0 UDDI server offering several advanced capabilities, including federated search and security and service-level policy meta-data management capabilities. Service Managers use of its own UDDI registry for service meta-data management uniquely centralizes service policy information in a standards-based database. The registry-based dashboard capabilities will be delivered with the 3.0 release of the SOA Software Service Manager, planned for General Availability in May 2005. Service Manager pricing starts at $5,000 per CPU.