Mobile Phone Polls Predict Growth

Nov 21, 2003

Each day,, Inc. surveys its registered members on a variety of issues and, according to a recent poll, worldwide mobile text communications are increasing in number and the 2004 outlook for the wireless industry appears promising. In one recent poll, asked its users if they are exchanging more text (SMS) messages than six months ago. Out of 40,076 respondents, 78.7% replied affirmatively, while only 10.2% claimed they send about the same amount and 8.3% were unsure. 2.8% said they were exchanging fewer text messages. This uptake in text messaging has gained traction in the U.S., after a slow start. The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) commented that approximately 1.5 billion text messages were sent domestically in June 2003, representing a 50% increase over June 2002.

The survey also indicated that the number of mobile handsets purchased may be on the rise. Out of 45,125 members participating in a November 2003 poll, 74.0% said they intend to buy a new mobile phone within the next six months. 71.9% of those expecting to purchase say that they are extremely likely to acquire phone that are equipped with built-in cameras.

A majority of survey respondents believe that superior-quality music will soon be available via their mobile phones. In fact, 69.8% of 38,318 polled replied that mobile phones will someday replace other portable devices for the delivery of consumer music. If it were available, 68.2% of 38,906 members surveyed said they would watch television on their mobile phones, with regularity.