SDL Unveils Next Gen Machine Translation Technology

May 14, 2015

SDL introduced the next generation of machine translation technology, XMT, a core component of the Language pillar within SDL's Customer Experience Cloud. This technology will become an essential tool in bringing down the barriers of multilingual communication by providing a scalable infrastructure for the development and rapid deployment of real-time translation capabilities.

Developed by the SDL Language Research Group, XMT is a rewrite of machine translation technology developed to address the limitations of previous generations of machine translation. Current machine translation technologies apply a one-size-fits-all solution to all language pairs. XMT allows different translation algorithms to be used for different language pairs, drastically increasing the quality of the output. XMT will also allow for the quick development and deployment of ground-breaking new MT capabilities, including SDL Language Learning, which will bring artificial intelligence to machine translation by empowering the engines to learn and apply individual user language preferences.