SDL Sells Campaigns Business, Unveils Global Content Management Solutions in the Cloud

Nov 14, 2016


SDL, a provider of global content management and language translation software and services, announced the sale of its Campaigns business to Alterian Holdings LLC and its subsidiary undertakings, an acquisition vehicle owned by affiliates of Allomer Capital Group LLC. In January 2016, SDL announced its strategic decision to divest certain non-core elements of the Group’s technology business. These businesses are SDL Fredhopper, Social Intelligence and Campaigns. 

The Campaigns business designs and develops software products to manage, optimize and deliver consistent and engaging marketing campaigns across multiple digital and offline channels. This business, represented by certain assets of SDL plc and its subsidiary undertakings including the Alterian trade name, has been sold to Alterian Holdings LLC and its subsidiary undertakings for £2.4m before purchase price adjustments.

The majority of the Campaigns business is contracted under Software as a Service arrangements over multiple years. As a consequence, the net cash impact of the disposal is expected to be negative and in the order of £1.3m. The Fredhopper and Social Intelligence sales processes continues as previously announced and the expected profit on these disposals is expected to largely offset the loss on disposal of the Campaigns business. 

Additionally, SDL  announced two solutions for managing the complete global content lifecycle from creation through translation and delivery. The two new offerings, SDL Global Digital Experience Solution and SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution, combine content management and translation management technology.

SDL Global Digital Experience Solution provides the following web content management and translation management capabilities:

  • Create consistent global digital experiences for your brand
  • Give web editors full control of what content is displayed across all channels and devices
  • Manage and automate translation and review processes in the context of a web page with advanced translation job control, translation review and translation preview
  • Apply personalization and targeting to create relevant, personal connections
  • Use BluePrinting, a content dependency model that lets you reuse, adapt, synchronize and localize content 

The solution includes a package of 2 million translated words using advanced machine translation plus a package of human translated words equivalent to eight average local country websites. As a result, SDL Global Digital Experience Solution provides unparalleled process efficiencies and more effective customer communication on a global scale. It speeds up time to market for time-critical content and ensures ongoing content quality and consistency. 

SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution provides the following technical content management and translation management capabilities: 

  • Easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) authoring of DITA based technical content
  • Provide authors with direct access to advanced translation capabilities, using both machine and human translation
  • Use Baselining and advanced versioning for long-term structural integrity of your publication
  • Review content collaboratively between content authors and subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Publish content automatically into any destination format
  • SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution includes a package of advanced machine translation and human translated words, similar to SDL Global Digital Experience Solution.

SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution changes how organizations manage technical content on a global scale. It helps them to deliver quality technical documentation and support content anywhere in the world, in any language, on any device.