SDL Releases New Version of SDLWorkFlow for Multilingual CM

Mar 14, 2003

SDL International, a provider of multilingual solutions offering translation technology and services, has announced a new version of SDLWorkFlow for the management of multilingual content. The system offers both forms of translation technology - "Translation memory" ('TM') and "Real-time Translation" ('RTT'). TM re-uses human translations, once captured in a database, when matched to new content, which reduces the cost of managing foreign-language Web sites and intranets. The new version--SDLWorkFlow 2003--is designed to manage any format of content within a translation process, reducing the overall timeframe within which foreign language information can be posted online. One of the major enhancements to the system is the incorporation of the latest Translation memory engine technologies from the SDLX Translation memory engine, a feature of which is support for the TMX file format for data-exchange across Translation memories. Other new features include support for 'Translation memory sequencing', where reference libraries of translation memories can now be used to automate the translation of matched sentences, specific to any particular translation project. Additionally, when working offline, translators can now choose to download TMX file format or legacy formats such as Trados TTX format files. This means that SDLWorkFlow 2003 can manage different forms of translation content in one workflow--enhancing the overall speed of project deliverables. Other enhancements to the system include: SDLTermBase Online is now available to Translators for immediate terminology research; customized workflow scripting can now be executed from any point in the workflow management; and reporting has been re-designed to accommodate more customization and scheduling.