SDL Launches Version 2.0 Customer Experience Cloud

Jan 27, 2015

SDL launches its V2.0 SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC) to align with top strategic initiatives of the leading global brands. The unified suite of offerings centers on four key pillars: Digital Experience, Knowledge Center, Customer Analytics and Language. With these enhanced capabilities, organizations can gain more insight into customer behavior and preferences to guide customer experience strategies, act on opportunities in real time, and deliver relevant experiences in the language of the customer.

Digital Experience: SDL enhanced its capabilities for an all-in-one digital experience. This includes a set of digital experience accelerators that allow the creation of adaptive web and mobile experiences that offer re-use of content, assets, customer profiles and rules without the need to be developed individually. Combined with new capabilities that allow marketers to test and measure how campaigns or personalized offers perform, SDL says its enhanced digital experience offering reduces the level of upfront investment normally associated with global customer experience initiatives.

Knowledge Center: This functionality is an integral part of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud and provides organizations with the ability to convert customers to advocates by facilitating the creation of consistent brand journeys from marketing to a self-service post-sales experience. Key capabilities of the knowledge center allow for the creation of dynamic product knowledge views that offer a better experience for documentation and self-service support scenarios by providing the same brand richness as done for marketing experiences.

Customer Analytics: With its customer analytics technology, SDL says it has added the ability to model a single view of the customer that aggregates all customer data including profile, situational data, transactional data, and third-party data that's available within the enterprise to drive a segment of one experience which enables real-time analysis of the customer experience. SDL has also enhanced SDL Customer Journey Analytics with the ability to track brand health looking at customer perception versus that of competitors. New enhancements include Brand Health Tracking, Campaign Effectiveness, Product Launch Optimization and intelligence to drive Market Expansion.

Language: New language enhancements include SDL's Targeted Industry Language Platforms for Travel & Hospitality, Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Digital Marketing; organizations can now cater to the terminology and language nuances required for these targeted industries.