SDL Calls On Brands to Rethink Global Content Strategies as the Future of Content Becomes Autonomous

Feb 21, 2019

SDL, a global leader in content creation, translation, and delivery, calls on brands to rethink current content strategies, and prepare for a digital future where content supply chains are autonomous, machine-first, and human optimized, for greater impact with worldwide audiences, across any language and device.

Companies are struggling to handle the growing volume and velocity of content required to engage with global audiences. And it’s expected to get worse: 93% say the content they produce will increase in the next two years*. SDL’s Enabling the Future of Content report addresses these challenges, offering insights on how companies can move towards an autonomous content supply chain of the future, capable of delivering any type of content to global audiences. 

Offering strategies and technical insights across the creation, translation, and delivery stages of the content supply chain, the report suggests that the future content supply chain relies on Linguistic AI, a technology that helps to understand, transform and create content in any language.

The report has been developed based on SDL’s experience of working with 90 of the globe’s top 100 brands and over 25 years’ leadership and innovation in content management and language solutions. 

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