SAS to OEM Xythos WebFile Server

Feb 25, 2003

Xythos Software, an Internet file management software provider, has signed a global OEM agreement with SAS. Under the terms of the agreement, SAS will use the Xythos WebFile Server (WFS) as the file management platform for SASR Drug Development and provide it directly to its worldwide customers in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and medical device industries. With Xythos, SAS customers will use the Internet to access, manage, process and share all biopharmaceutical research data, analyses, reports, and documents in the system. The integrated Xythos and SAS Drug Development solution is designed to actively enable compliance with government regulations including 21 CFR Part 11, the FDA regulation governing electronic records and signatures. Current SAS Drug Development customers will receive, at no additional cost, the Xythos-enabled SAS Drug Development platform in 2003. XML-based WebDAV, an Internet Engineering Task Force-approved extension of HTTP, delivers the library services, such as file locking and logging, version control and file access permissions, once reserved for high-end document management applications alone. SAS Drug Development aggregates research data and documents from multiple, disparate sources and provides analytical and exploratory applications within a 21 CFR Part 11-enabling infrastructure. With SAS Drug Development, researchers can integrate not only their data sources, but also their pharmaceutical applications through an open architecture. This ultimately provides researchers with a single, secure, centralized information repository where research information can be organized for regulatory submission and mined for new market opportunities, product line extensions or strategic safety assessments.

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