SAP Extends Use of Arbortext; Centra Announces SAP Partnership

Feb 13, 2004

Arbortext, a provider of automated publishing software, has announced that SAP AG has extended its use of Arbortext software to deliver customer-designed training materials and that Centra Software, Inc. a provider of application software and services for real-time enterprise conferencing and collaboration, has announced an agreement with SAP AG to integrate Centra's real-time collaboration application with the SAP( Learning Solution. The SAP Education group is responsible for providing SAP customers with training materials designed specifically to support their SAP software solutions. Authors of training materials within SAP needed to have an efficient way to create, edit, and publish documentation to support over 61,000 installations of SAP solutions. Using Arbortext software, SAP has streamlined the creation of documentation and has cut the time to publish training materials.  

Under the agreement with Centra, SAP AG will integrate Centra's real-time collaboration application with the SAP( Learning Solution, a component of the mySAP( Human Resources (mySAP HR) solution. The integration is intended to provide a robust technology, training, and performance support system that will enable individuals to launch virtual classroom training from their desktop. The SAP Learning Solution gives companies the ability to map specific courses to competency requirements, to associate learning activities and results with personal development plans, and to incorporate eLearning with classroom and other learning activities into blended curricula.

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