SAGE Partners with EMpact to Provide Electronic Products

Dec 15, 2006

SAGE Publications and EMpact Sales (EMpact), the publisher representation group within the EBSCO Information Services division, have announced a new sales partnership. Under the agreement, EMpact will represent SAGE electronic products to libraries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. EMpact will work with libraries in these countries to promote SAGE online product offerings, including SAGE Premier; SAGE Scientific, Technical, and Medical Packages; the SAGE Full-Text Collections; and the new SAGE Deep Backfile Package. The sales partnership with EMpact will support the activities of SAGE's Asia-Pacific office based in Singapore. Representatives from SAGE Asia-Pacific will be working directly with libraries in China, Japan, and southeast Asia, and collaborating with EMpact in the other countries listed above.