Rogue Amoeba Releases Audio Hijack Pro 2.7

Aug 01, 2006

Rogue Amoeba has announced the release of Audio Hijack Pro 2.7. With the release of Audio Hijack Pro 2.7, Rogue Amoeba enables users to record to Skype, iChat, Gizmo Project, and other audio chat applications.

Audio Hijack Pro can record audio chat conversations for podcast interviews or archiving. Users create a new session for the chat application then press record, and all audio will be recorded. They can conduct an interview over Skype, save a recording of an important meeting with a client, or keep minutes of a multi-person conference call. Audio Hijack Pro 2.7 also features the ability to save Lyrics or Notes in a file's ID3 tags, enhanced Preview functionality for playing back recordings, support for the RadioShark AM/FM radio, and more. Updates In Audio Hijack Pro 2.7, include: the ability to record Skype, iChat, and Gizmo Project audio; a lyrics tag that includes Lyrics or Notes in recordings; an Enhanced Preview functionality in the Recording Bin; RadioShark (AM/FM Radio) improvements, including improved tuning quality and optional manual tuning for added precision; the ability to send files to any audio editor, right from Audio Hijack Pro's Recording Bin; recording preset options; and additional minor additions and bug fixes.

Audio Hijack Pro 2.7 is immediately available for download and purchase. Users are encouraged to take it for a free test drive, then purchase it for just $32. Version 2.7 is a free update for registered owners of Audio Hijack Pro 2. Registered users of Audio Hijack Pro 1.x can still upgrade to version 2 for $10.