Rightscom Limited Acquires Ontologyx

Oct 03, 2003

Rightscom, a digital strategy consultancy has acquired Ontologyx. Ontologyx' primary asset is a data model-based ontology (known as "Ontology X"), that has been designed to provide a hub for the interoperability of meaning to support machine-to-machine communication on the network. The founder of Ontologyx, Godfrey Rust, will join Rightscom as chief data architect and will become a member of the board of Rightscom Limited. Also joining Rightscom will be technical architect Paul Hatcher and Semantic Engineer Steffen Lindek, both of whom have been involved in the development of Ontologyx. Rightscom has secured additional funding from a group of private investors for the acquisition and to fund the further development of Ontologyx services. A progressive roll out of Ontologyx services will start in 2004.

(http://www.ontologyx.com), (http://www.rightscom.com)