RichRelevance Winter ’19 Delivers Hyper-Personalization at Scale

Mar 07, 2019

RichRelevance announced new features that allow digital leaders to apply Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create a memorable, relevant shopping experiences at scale. These latest enhancements to the Personalization Cloud, Hyper-Personalization, advance the industry beyond basic segment-based personalization to engage every customer as an individual with inspiring content, offers and promotions in real-time and at scale. The result is that digital marketing leaders understand each shopper's unique goals throughout the customer lifecycle, and can deliver consistent, branded experiences across all channels to drive digital growth.

The RichRelevance Personalization Cloud helps brands and retailers develop stronger and more personal relationships with their customers. Traditional personalization focuses on basic segments where groups of shoppers receive content and offers based on static, pre-determined rules. This doesn’t speak to individuals or their unique and changing shopping goals. Today’s enhancements to the RichRelevance Personalization Cloud make use of behavioral data in conjunction with product graphs generated using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning Neural Nets to create truly Hyper-Personalized.

The Xen AI Deep Learning engine which underpins this latest release provides insight based on massive, previously unlinked data points. New Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology uses a Deep Learning Neural Net to identify and extract insights from unstructured text, product descriptions, user reviews, partner data, user-generated content, shopper activity, and behavioral data, resulting in a more accurate picture of the purchase intent and interests of any given customer. With a sophisticated multi-dimensional product graph at their fingertips, digital marketers can re-rank the most relevant products in real-time, in-session for higher engagement and conversion. Such apt, compelling experiences help make brands memorable in shoppers' moments of need.

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