Rich Data Vizualization Now Available for Microsoft SharePoint Users

Jun 12, 2009


The AnyChart Company, a provider of data visualization solutions, has announced an OEM agreement with CorasWorks for its AnyChart for SharePoint Product. Under the terms of this agreement the existing users of CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset will soon be able to take the full advantage of the rich data visualization functionality developed by AnyChart at no extra cost. Integrated into the Toolset, it allows displaying any data from SharePoint or from external sources, such as databases, applications, web services or http. Users can also create mashups of any of the data, perform data analysis, and do inline caching, then feed the data to the chart. CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset for Microsoft SharePoint is designed for developers, architects, database and IT administrators to help them extend their SharePoint applications, or build end-to-end read/write composite applications in SharePoint without the need for extensive custom code and thus meet the exact needs of the organization.