Rhiza Launches Rhiza for Marketing

May 21, 2015

Rhiza, an online platform that helps marketers and salespeople make Big Data actionable, announced the launch of Rhiza for Marketing, a new tool designed to sort through large datasets and pinpoint actionable insights. Using the product, marketers can discover granular characteristics on existing and prospective customers.

Rhiza for Marketing was created to enable marketers to ask different questions about their customers and connect the dots between datasets to discover constellations of human behavior. The tool offers a range of visualizations to showcase data and simplifies the process of cross-tabbing through highly automated processes. Marketers can use the web-based tool to derive new insights about their customers and their competition, identify locations and behaviors of their most promising prospects, suggest winning strategies to reach targets and analyze the impact of a message across any type of media, including: television, print, digital and social. The tool also simplifies the process of profiling behavior, with the ability to create compelling infographics that compares data points across a segment.

Rhiza for Marketing supports a range of data sources, from large commercial providers and third party data to proprietary datasets. Whether marketers are working with their own consumer survey data, internal brand data, or datasets from companies like Nielsen or IHS/Polk, Rhiza for Marketing enables them to view all datasets in one place, with the ability to cross-reference between sources.