Reuters, Factiva Expand Relationship

Feb 28, 2003

Reuters and Factiva have announced an expanded relationship designed to increase customer access to Factiva's content through Reuters products. Under the three-year agreement, selected Factiva content will be embedded in Reuters financial products, including Reuters 3000Xtra and Reuters BridgeStation. The agreement covers two types of Factiva services. Global Press Watch, a collection of articles from more than 550 national newspapers and 50 national news wires, will be integrated in Reuters products aimed at trading and investment professionals. Secondly, Knowledge Worker, a five-year archive of nearly 6000 periodicals, news weeklies, and specialist publications organized by industry sector, will be a component of Reuters products for research-intensive financial professionals and investment advisors. Both services will be included at no additional charge to Reuters customers. For local-language services, Reuters will integrate Factiva sources, including newspapers and news wires, in the language of the target customer base. This announcement builds on Reuters' previous distribution arrangement, which made Factiva available only to Reuters 3000 Xtra.  Under the new agreement Factiva content will be embedded for access within Reuters products including the latest version of Reuters 3000 Xtra (v4.5) as well as Reuters BridgeStation, domestic products, products such as Reuters Knowledge, and future products targeted at financial professionals.

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