Return Path’s Partner Platform Now Gives Email Service Providers Access to Cloudmark Filtering Data

Apr 04, 2019

The Return Path Partner Platform is the first and only deliverability platform designed to empower email service providers (ESPs) to proactively monitor and diagnose deliverability issues across their full client ecosystem. Building on the success of the platform’s 2018 launch and new features announced in December, leading email solutions provider Return Path is pleased to announce even more enhancements to this groundbreaking solution.

For an ESP, managing email deliverability for hundreds—or even thousands—of diverse clients can be a challenge. Return Path’s Partner Platform allows ESPs to manage deliverability issues across their entire customer base by integrating all the relevant monitoring and diagnostic information in one convenient location. With this release, the Partner Platform now includes new and enhanced data sources, as well as new features to provide even more valuable metrics and insights.

The centerpiece of this release is a new real-time API, which gives ESPs unparalleled visibility and data related to Cloudmark message filtering. Cloudmark, a division of Proofpoint, is a provider of messaging security, with a footprint that covers hundreds of millions of mailboxes and customers that include hundreds of email service providers around the world.

By combining Return Path’s comprehensive deliverability data with Cloudmark filtering data, ESPs can understand which clients and which specific campaigns are being filtered by Cloudmark. This addition makes the Partner Platform a true one-stop shop for identifying user complaint issues, pinpointing specific problems, and understanding how to solve them.

Other new features of the Partner Platform include:

  • The ability to surface the most impactful blocklist issues in the dashboard, along with customized email alerts to help prioritize client issues
  • Improved insight into spam trap, volume, and complaint data through Return Path’s Provider Network
  • Greater access to proprietary data from ThreatWave, which provides leading indicators of list acquisition and list hygiene issues

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