Return Path Announces Free Tools to Improve Email Security and Sending Practices

Aug 30, 2018

Reaching the inbox is critical to driving revenue through the email channel. Any number of factors can lead to poor deliverability, but spam complaints and blacklisting are among the most common. Today, global data solutions provider Return Path announced two new tools to help marketers combat these issues and improve email deliverability.

Universal Feedback Loop: Feedback loops allow senders to receive notifications when a subscriber marks one of their messages as spam. Managing feedback loops can be a challenge for marketers, as it typically requires signing up individually with each mailbox provider. Return Path’s new Universal Feedback Loop brings 17 different feedback loops together in one location, to streamline the process of configuring, managing, and coordinating feedback loop subscriptions. Senders and program managers can sign up for the Universal Feedback Loop at no cost on Return Path’s website.

Return Path Blocklist: As part of its ongoing efforts to make email marketing safer and easier, Return Path is pleased to introduce the Return Path Blocklist, an enhancement to its previous blacklist. The Return Path Blocklist is a proprietary collection of IP addresses that are known to engage in spam-like behavior and unsafe email practices. Mailbox providers, security companies, and spam filtering agencies use this blocklist to make important decisions about blocking and spam filtering. Marketers can also use Return Path’s free Blocklist Lookup tool to find out whether their IP address appears on any blacklists.

The Universal Feedback Loop and Return Path Blocklist are just the latest of several recent product innovations for Return Path customers. Other new enhancements include: 

  • Return Path Platform: Since its launch in January 2018, the Return Path Platform has been translated into both French and Portuguese. Offering this intuitive user interface in multiple languages makes it easier for customers worldwide to take advantage of Return Path’s email data solutions.
  • Subject Line Optimizer: The Subject Line Optimizer solution allows marketers to improve engagement by comparing subject line performance across thousands of brands and industries. Recent enhancements to this product feature increased data inputs by 53%, while also improving the algorithm used to calculate read rate lift.
  • Email Client Monitor: Updates to the Email Client Monitor tool give marketers the power to track where, when, and for how long email messages are viewed—all while remaining compliant with new GDPR requirements. In addition, device and location data is now available via a single tracking pixel to streamline setup and implementation.

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