ResearchWare Releases HyperRESEARCH 2.7

Dec 05, 2006


ResearchWare, Inc. has released HyperRESEARCH 2.7, a multi-platform software package for qualitative analysis research. The new version offers enhanced display of coded segments of text, automatic backups of data files, performance improvements, enhanced appearances on both Windows XP and OS X, and a completely revised integrated concept mapping tool.

Enhancements in HyperRESEARCH 2.7 include: Code Stripes, a graphical enhancement making to identify coded segments of text at a glance; a revised Code Map, an integrated tool for creating concept maps, supports multiple code maps which can include memos and imported images; optional automatic backups of data files, with an interface for restoring older files if needed; performance improvements in key areas of the software, up to 400%; improved appearances for Windows XP and Mac OS X; and with the latest version of Apple's QuickTime, HyperRESEARCH supports playback of formats like MPEG-4, 3GPP, H.264, and others. HyperRESEARCH 2.7 is available for download at the publisher's website.

The freely downloadable version of HyperRESEARCH 2.7 has all features enabled with no time limits. Without a purchased registration code the only restrictions are limits on the number of codes and cases in the study, making the free version suitable for evaluation and teaching. A single-user license costs $370, with discounts available for volume purchases and grad students. Registered users of HyperRESEARCH 2.0 or later can upgrade to version 2.7 for free.