Research Reveals Gap Between What B2B Buyers Want and What They Get with Existing Vendor Sales Outreach

Sep 10, 2015

LiveHive, Inc., a sales acceleration platform, released research that shows the overwhelming majority of executives are more likely to respond to vendors with personalized sales outreach. However, more than a third (35%) of the executives say that they never, or not that often, receive any personalized sales outreach from vendors -- revealing a gap between the level of personalization delivered, and buyers' desired level of personalization. Harris Poll conducted this online survey on LiveHive's behalf in the summer of 2015 among more than 300 corporate executives at companies with revenues of $1 billion or more.

The research found vendor outreach personalized to their company's industry to be absolutely essential or very important to 88% of executives. In addition, 83% of executives report that sales outreach personalized to their company's specific business problem is absolutely essential or very important. And 95% of executives indicate that they would be more likely to respond to vendor outreach if it was personalized as relevant to their company's industry.

Executives also shared their likelihood of responding to sales emails based on type of included content. Executives would be more likely to respond positively when vendors initially reach out to them with sales emails that include customer case studies (84%), followed by industry articles (81%), and white papers (78%).