Request Your Own Influencer Top 500

Jan 24, 2017

The Amsterdam based Twitter targeting company My Social Database–daily analyzing data of 320 million Twitter accounts–recently developed a nifty new tool that exactly shows you which influencers on Twitter are of major importance to you, your product, brand or company. This Twitter data analyst now provides you with a free listing of your personal influencer Top 500, if requested before February 1, 2017.

My Social Database delivers listings to marketers and other parties interested in enriched data. Their systems daily prepare new listings of branches, professions and industries, whilst reading out Twitter data worldwide, and has these analyzed by their own unique systems and formulas. These listings are based on real-time data and are used for (international) marketing campaigns and twitter mailings.

Who exactly is of influence to your company? How do you identify them? And even get in touch? My Social Database constantly analyzes the answers to these questions and came with a brand new tool; the influencer listing, providing a list of 500 influencers of relevance in an area of preference. On the website, you fill out the keyword (e.g. marketing) and within days you will receive the influencer listing of your choice in your mailbox.