Reprise Media Launches FeedCast

Sep 23, 2005

Reprise Media has unveiled FeedCast, a patent-pending product designed to automate the process of building and implementing search engine marketing programs for breaking content. FeedCast is intended to transform the way publishers respond to breaking news. Marketers and advertisers can use Reprise Media's FeedCast to customize campaigns to meet the specifications of any search or contextual ad program.

FeedCast uses three steps to help content providers promote their breaking content: through Intelligent Content Extraction, FeedCast analyzes content via XML or RSS feeds, extracting key terms and concepts in near real-time to determine the optimal mix for a successful search campaign; FeedCast converts these terms and concepts into a series of advertising assets, customized to work within the specifications of each search or contextual network in the campaign; completed campaigns are launched in a condensed timeline due to a built-in editorial rule set and direct trafficking of campaigns to search and contextual programs through APIs.