Reprint Management Services Acquires NXTbook Media

Apr 30, 2004

Reprint Management Services (RMS), a full-service reprint marketing and production firm, has formally announced the acquisition of NXTbook Media (NBM), a technology-based company that provides dynamic multimedia digital publishing solutions. Founded as NXTpress, Inc. in 2002 and re-named NXTbook Media in 2003, NBM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RMS and will also be headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Spencer Ewald, the former president, continues to oversee NXTbook Media operations as VP, founder.  

NXTbook technology can be used to publish magazines, trade show brochures, catalogs, corporate promotional materials, or any other print products in a digital format. NXTbook allows information to be presented as a double-page or single page-oriented document optimized for a computer screen. NXTbook's digital publishing platform is based on open Web standards and makes emagazines available for online reading without requiring special plug-ins or the downloading of proprietary software readers. The technology is also designed to enable real-time results reporting, including the number of readers who have accessed the online magazine, time spent on each page, and other tracking information.  

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