Reportlinker Announces Search Engine For Open Access Market Research Reports

Mar 09, 2007

Reportlinker has announced its vertical search engine dedicated to open access market research reports. On a single screen, it gathers more than 1,2 million reports, published by sources like governments, embassies, national statistics agencies, trade unions, etc.

The launch of Reportlinker is intended to make it easier to quickly find and access relevant information using general public tools. General public tools promote merchant content, boosted by search marketing (SM) and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, making relevant open access information more difficult to find. Reportlinker differentiation relies on its specialization in open access market research reports. Using this tool, users can search the long tail of free market research without the "noise of not so relevant merchant results". The professional research engine also includes in its index many results from the deep web that are not even accessible through general search engines. More than 1,2 million public reports, published by trusted sources, are now available in just a few clicks.