Report: Paid Content Market to Reach $36 billion in 2014

Mar 30, 2010

A report from GigaOM Pro predicts that the worldwide paid content market will ride the momentum of an expanding user base to a total worth of $36 billion by the year 2014, more than double the $16.7 billion figure from 2009. Other factors behind the predicted 5-year increase include the switch from physical formats to digital and an emphasis on a broadband-enabled, connected-device society.

In other sectors, such as music, video, or gaming, the report suggests that long-term success will require an embrace of multiple business and payment models. Micropayments for music and games will grow significantly as the enormous user-bases of social media sites such as Facebook begin to transact, while application marketplaces will continue to experience significant growth in both mobile and elsewhere. The report, titled "Paid Content," is available on the GigaOM Pro research service.