Report Finds Less Bot Traffic When Ads Run on Premium Publisher Sites

Sep 29, 2015

Digital Content Next (DCN), in partnership with White Ops, released "DCN/White Ops Bot Benchmark Report: What Makes a Publisher Premium," a study examining the prevalence of bots in premium advertising traffic, conducted across 32 DCN premium publisher sites. The report offers insights into ways in which the industry can contribute to effective solutions that lower fraud and improve the bottom line for advertisers.

The DCN/White Ops study builds upon the findings of the December 2014 study by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops - "The Bot Baseline 2014" - which found that bots are the clearest risk to the integrity of the digital media business. According to the ANA and White Ops report, criminal bot networks are diverting an estimated $6 billion away from marketers, publishers, and other good actors in the ecosystem.

Conducted from June-August 2015, the DCN / White Ops study collected nearly six times the number of impressions as in the 2014 ANA study.

The research found that DCN publishers see less bot traffic overall (3%) compared to other advertising campaigns deployed across a broader variety of websites (11%). An advertisement's viewability and whether the visitor was human or bot are largely unrelated. Bot viewability almost perfectly mirrored human viewability.