RepliWeb Releases R-1 v 3.3

May 07, 2004

RepliWeb, Inc., a provider of data deployment software, has announced the launch of RepliWeb's Distribution Manager R-1 version 3.3, a Web deployment and content replication solution. The 3.3 release includes business continuity, management, and performance enhancements. R-1 3.3 introduces point in time rollback functionality that is designed to enable IT Administrators to reset production servers to the same data-state, based on a user defined point in time. R-1 3.3 includes staging environment failover functionality that is intended to allow IT Administrators to create a standby staging server for R-1 Centers that will assume distribution management in the event of a failure or planned maintenance. The 3.3 release also includes enhanced CLI and COM functionality for improved integration with corporate production systems and third party content and network management solutions.