ReplayAR App Brings AR Content Creation to the Masses

Oct 17, 2019

ReplayAR, a free iOS app that captures AR photos and anchors them in the real-world locations where they're taken, has just launched a new feature that puts the power of locational AR content creation directly in the hands of anyone with a mobile device.

Create Personalized AR Content for Social Media and More

ReplayAR's "Create" feature comes just two months after the app's initial launch, demonstrating the company's drive to rapidly expand capabilities beyond its core mission of using geolocational AR to preserve history.

For example, ReplayAR's "Create" feature gives social media users the ability to easily enhance their video content by instantly creating custom AR props, sets, and special effects for their Instagram and YouTube videos.

In a month dominated by headlines about technological advancements in AR from major players like Apple's iPhone 11 and Google's ARCore, how does ReplayAR stand out in an ever-expanding augmented reality market? Huddy believes the simplicity of the app is actually its greatest strength.

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