Relevvant Introduces New Advertising Platform

Jun 12, 2012

Relevvant has announced a new platform, designed to use the influence of mobile and social technologies for marketers looking to drive business. Using this new technology, Relevvant can track social media trends, buyer's locations, purchasing data and other big data information to power advanced psychographic targeting for companies looking to market products or services.

The new platform will function across multiple communication channels on a single platform. Relevvant says it is the only company using psychographic, social, demographic, and location factors. Offerings include:

  • Relevvant Amass - Quickly build larger, opt-in lists of audiences with instant access to deeper, unique and rich social data.
  • Relevvant Observe - Collect and analyze user-level data to develop interest-based profiles for advanced audience segmentation and analytics.
  • Relevvant Engage - Manage and execute multi-channel campaigns using advanced data to enable; social, location and behavioral triggers.