Refresh Software Offers Hosted Web Core Content Management Service

Mar 28, 2003


Refresh Software Corp. has announced SiteRefresh, a core content management solution available either as a hosted service or as a server license. SiteRefresh satisfies "core" content management requirements so that businesses can control information churn quickly and more effectively. "Core" content management requirements are content creation, editing, review, and reuse. SiteRefresh handles these through Web site WYSIWYG editing, roles-based workflow and content versioning with site rollback. It stores content in relational databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. For publishing, it calls content from these databases using any standard scripting language. This open and standards-based approach permits direct implementation with application servers, personalization software, and portal frameworks, allowing incremental build out to support future Web site growth. The SiteRefresh product family is designed for Web developer project workgroups and enterprise departments across industries that might otherwise build their own content management system. Refresh Software offers SiteRefresh--both hosted and server license versions--to value added resellers (VARs) who are responsible for building and maintaining their customers' Web sites. SiteRefresh Hosted is available now. The hosted service starts at $495 per month for five users and includes all software upgrades. The SiteRefresh perpetual server license starts at $14,995.  Refresh Software offers credit for customers who wish to start with the hosted version and then transition to a full self-hosted server license.