Reflektion Introduces New Analytics Capabilities

Jun 25, 2019


Reflektion, the world’s leading AI-powered personalization platform for the retail industry, unveiled enhanced analytics capabilities to the Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform that empower eCommerce retailers to uncover new shopper insights that lead to untapped revenue growth opportunities.

As the retail landscape becomes more competitive, merchants are challenged with finding new ways to better understand their customers’ preferences and their buying patterns. Reflektion now delivers breakthrough analytics functionality that goes beyond basic site performance trends to give retail marketers and merchandisers focused analytics that uncover how shoppers buy—turning shopping insights into growth opportunities. With Reflektion, merchandisers, marketers, and analysts can now better plan, track, and act against specific business goals with individualized promotions, optimized product placements, informed keyword strategies, and effective retargeting campaigns.

The pre-built analytics are highly-intuitive, easy to use, and don’t require specialized technical knowledge—eliminating the need for additional configuration or dedicated analytics teams. With this introduction, executives and merchandisers in retail organizations can:

  • Track the direct and assisted attribution of Reflektion’s personalization on growing revenue, conversions and orders at the category, product, brand levels and by spending, unit count and order count.
  • Maximize revenue opportunities with greater intelligence about categories, products, and brands that are searched for, viewed, and purchased and their comparative trend.
  • Make strategic, data-driven decisions to drive the business forward through granular, contextual and historical insights into key site dimensions such as revenue, average order size. abandoned cart rate, page views, conversion rate and orders, beyond what is available in general-purpose site analytics applications.
  • In real-time, optimize personalization strategies with at-a-glance dashboards that outline KPI trends and generate interactive executive-level insights on-the-fly.
  • Enhance site search relevance with deep understanding of which keywords and combinations generate the most revenue -- and which keywords don’t.
  • Act on KPI alerts when performance is below or above thresholds.

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