Reflektion Announces Extensions to Customer Engagement Platform

Jun 06, 2019

Reflektion, an AI-powered personalization platform for the retail industry, unveiled extensions to its Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform. Reflektion’s unified platform offers a disruptive new approach to hyper-individualized customer engagement for retailers and brands that is poised to replace legacy, first-generation personalization vendors. Based on an internal study, Reflektion’s platform increased direct orders by 87%, direct revenue by 193%, and direct revenue/visit by 76%.

Reflektion solves a real problem: as brands and retailers invest to grow visitor traffic they have not paid the same level of attention to dramatically improving eCommerce conversion rates, thus creating an engagement gap with their customers. To address this growing gap, the best brands and retailers are seeking to create a predictive customer experience across all touchpoints to drive higher conversions, prompt larger orders, and enhance customer retention.

However, first-generation personalization products have failed to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing retail landscape. These first-generation products are constrained by manually-controlled rules, small datasets, and disparate point tools that hinder retailers’ ability to individualize their customers throughout the shopping journey.

Enhanced Breakthrough Customer Engagement Technology Within Reach

The Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform harnesses patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to offer highly engaging, predictive, and personalized shopping experiences across all online touchpoints so that brands and retailers can drive more revenue and delight every visitor. Delivered in the cloud, the scalable platform delivers hyper-personalized real-time experiences for Search, Recommendations, Category and Landing Pages, Content Personalization, and Email at scale. Merchandisers and marketers gain powerful, flexible business controls for testing and optimizing their personalization strategies, empowering them to make strategic decisions to grow their business. The Reflektion Customer 1 Direct orders are defined as orders placed within 30 mins of engaging with a personalized product shown due to Reflektion’s AI; Statistics are based on year-over-year comparison for Q1 (2018-19).

Engagement Platform is a seamless system of intelligence that adds value to the existing eCommerce system of record. Integration is straightforward via JavaScript, APIs or direct Cartridge. Merchandisers and marketers can quickly deploy the solution to unlock hidden relationships across broad and growing combinations of products, attributes, visitor interactions, and their subtle preferences. This enables shoppers to enjoy a white glove experience by having recommended products attuned to their individual preferences and intent, delivered to their phone, browser, or inbox -- saving them the time and hassle of scrolling past irrelevant choices.

With its enhanced capabilities, Reflektion’s Customer Engagement platform has enabled leading eCommerce businesses to grow significantly and take their shopper engagement to an entirely new level. As an example, a major clothing retailer not only successfully connected their personalized experiences across all digital touch points, but also experienced a 26% lift in sitewide conversion, a 17% lift in average order size, and a 62% increase in page views.

The new capabilities released in the Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform empower brands and retailers to:

  • Reduce online shopping friction and maximize conversion via the Landing Pages module by creating SEO optimized landing pages for individual or multiple product categories. These landing pages are integrated with organic search, are generated in real time, and serve up highly personalized content. With Landing Pages, brands can complement their SEO/SEM strategy by guiding the last mile of their customers’ journey to checkout.
  • Programatically create highly individualized web and email content through a robust library of banner styles, SEO meta tags and HTML blocks in the Content Personalization module. This module is particularly advantageous for personalizing home pages with images and attention-grabbing taglines that are attuned to the tastes and personality of individual shoppers.
  • Bring back customers through hyper-personalized behavioral emails that are triggered by browsing the history, cart abandonment or inventory changes. Email content is personalized in real-time at the open time -- ensuring delivery of most relevant content based on all the customer’s interactions so far. By leveraging this capability, brands and retailers not only re-target their shoppers but also more effectively upsell to them based on their recent purchases.

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