Reflektion Announces Behavioral Email Solution and Partnerships With Oracle Responsys and Bronto

Jan 23, 2018

Reflektion, an AI-powered personalization platform for the retail industry, announced its behavioral email solution and new strategic partnerships with two premier solutions in the email marketing space: Oracle Responsys and Bronto. The solution, complete with individualized email triggers such as abandoned cart and abandoned browse, among others, equips retailers to deliver engaging and relevant email experience.

Reflektion's behavioral email solution delivers individually tailored emails by responding directly to every individual’s shopping behavior—such as personal preferences or cart abandonment events. This improved email relevancy drives incremental revenue and dramatically higher open and click-through rates. Combined with its individualized email merchandising solution, which automatically embeds individually relevant product and content into retailers’ promotional emails, Reflektion now offers a suite of email solutions aimed at making content hyper-relevant to each recipient.

In addition to partnerships with Oracle Responsys and Bronto, Reflektion recently completed integrations with Cheetah Digital, which is used by several Reflektion clients, including Godiva. Reflektion’s behavioral email solution is now available to global customers.