RefWorks and Scopus Deliver RefWorks

Jun 24, 2005

Scopus, an abstract and indexing database of research information, has announced an integration with RefWorks, the Web-based bibliographic management tool. RefWorks: Scopus Edition is intended to provide a level of interoperability between the two services; enabling researchers an uninterrupted workflow when finding and managing their research information. This integration between Scopus and RefWorks makes it possible for a researcher to go straight from results on Scopus to storing them in RefWorks or, while in RefWorks, initiate a search in Scopus. This is done live, with real-time interaction between the two systems which are continuously updated so the user can find out how often selected articles in RefWorks have been cited, in which publication, by whom and if new citations have been made since they last looked. Similarly while in Scopus it is easy to automatically save selected references to RefWorks and see which ones are already saved.

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