Reelio Cares Links Influencers, Non­Profits and Corporate Brands

Dec 03, 2015

Reelio, a provider of leading influencer marketing and data driven platform, announced the launch of Reelio Cares, a new division connecting today's hottest digital stars with non­profits and corporate brands. Non­profit founder and entrepreneur, Ava Kelly, joins Reelio to serve as manager of this initiative. 

Influencers, nonprofits, and brands will have access to Reelio's platform, social good expertise, and tools to support cause-­related campaigns, including:  

  • Donate Influence- Reelio Cares empowers digital creators to "donate influence,"allowing them to choose nonprofits and brands looking for content to raise awareness for a cause
  • Choose Your Cause- Brands run Reelio Cares campaigns to spotlight their partnership with a cause in order to create consumer loyalty and engagement. They can choose to work with existing partners or Reelio can assist in finding a partner from Reelio's diverse, vetted list of nonprofit partners
  • Manage Campaigns- Reelio Cares provides the tools and expertise to build and manage successful caused­ centered digital campaigns with the world's most popular digital influencers
  • Reach Volunteers and Donors- Reelio Cares provides a scalable solution for nonprofits and brands to create content that will raise awareness for a specific cause, ultimately attracting volunteers, advocates and donors who are passionate for creating change