Reed Business Chooses Teragram Software to Organize Media Properties; Launches Website

Jan 12, 2007


Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced that its proprietary categorization, entity extraction, and taxonomy management software is used to automatically organize international b-to-b media company Reed Business' (RB) hundreds of online media properties. In addition, RB has integrated Teragram's technologies into its b-to-b search engine offering, Zibb. Zibb scours b-to-b sites from throughout the web and within RB media to find relevant, specific information. Readers of RB online media, such as, Electronic Business and Library Journal can find information by category using Teragram's technology. With Zibb, Teragram's software has extended RB site visitors' ability to find relevant, b-to-b specific answers they're looking for, not only from RB sources, but also from throughout the web.

Reed Business Information, publishers of Daily Variety, Video Business, Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and other the media- and entertainment-related news properties, has launched a new website,, a B-to-B brand focused on the intersection of content, technology, and business within the digital entertainment industry. A global news source and blogspace, ContentAgenda covers everything from emerging platforms, to digital rights management, to the role of trade and regulatory agencies in shaping the global media market, to Hollywood's transition from an optical disc-based economy, to one based on electronic delivery.

This free site invites visitors to submit comments on stories, blogs and other content that appears on the site. The ContentAgenda community is comprised of executives from the media and entertainment, hardware, technology, government and policy-making, financial and retail communities. The launch site offers three main channels: Discs & Downloads; Policy & Intellectual Property (I.P.); and Content & Commerce. News aggregation is powered by Lexis-Nexis.