RedDot Solutions Launches CMS 6.1

Mar 22, 2005

RedDot Solutions, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced a new version of its Web content management system, RedDot CMS 6.1. The latest version offers several new features designed to make complex Web projects easier to administer, faster to implement, and simpler to test against diverse standards. Among the new features, RedDot CMS 6.1 includes drag-and-drop functionality, enhanced editing tools, preview options, and comparison templates for improved version control.

SmartDrop allows content contributors to drag and drop text or images files directly onto the page, eliminating the need to manually open files and copy their contents. DirectEdit (also called inline editing) allows Web site content contributors and editors to edit text directly on the Web page, removing the need of a text editor. Permanent Preview provides real-time site previews; with the Permanent Preview, users can instantly see changes made to their Web pages using any of RedDot's editing techniques. Template Versioning allows administrators to more easily structure versions of a Web page. Site administrators can create several versions of a template, and store them in a version-controlled facility within RedDot CMS; administrators can compare the different template versions to see all differences, highlighting sections where code has been added and "red lining" where it has been removed.

Late this spring, RedDot plans to release a new add-on module to RedDot CMS, the Web Compliance Manager, to ensure compliance with Section 508 and WCAG A, AA, and AAA standards.