RedDot Launches Content Management Server 5.0

Apr 01, 2003


RedDot Solutions, a provider of enterprise content management solutions, has launched RedDot Content Management Server (CMS) 5.0. Among the new features are improved database support including native Oracle connections, and a graphical workflow designer. The RedDot translation editor is also now available as a server option. RedDot now offers full support for Oracle (in addition to MS-SQL Server and MSDE) as the internal database platform for a RedDot deployment. RedDot CMS continues to connect to any external ODBC database to read in external data and in version 5.0 is able to write back into these databases, making RedDot a suitable front-end for some online database application deployments. CMS 5.0 also offers a new graphical browser-based interface for the design and modification of workflow processes within RedDot. Using drag-and-drop icons that represent actions, reactions, and users in the process, administrators can build and modify workflows and the visual representation makes it easier to understand dependencies and interactions in the workflow. The RedDot Translation Editor supports a global enterprise with translation tools to assist with the deployment of multilingual sites. Translators are notified via workflow email when content has been created or modified and that content needs to be translated into the language that s/he is responsible for. The RedDot Translation Editor gives the translator a split-screen text editor with one side displaying the original content and the other a text editor ready for the translator to input the content in the language needed. The RedDot Translation Editor is available as a server option.