RedDot Expands Multilingual Support and Content Translation Functionality

Sep 12, 2003


RedDot Solutions, a provider of online content management solutions, has expanded its support of multilingual Web development with the latest version of its Translation Editor. The RedDot Translation Editor assists organizations with managing the translation of content between multiple languages and enables organizations to automatically default to the primary language during a translation. Additionally, RedDot offers support for English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish languages.

The RedDot multi-language project structures are centrally administered allowing administrators and editors to manage the different language variants. Organizations can use the RedDot system to design sites that display the same information in multiple languages. The solution also provides for characteristics such as UTF-8/UTF-16, all ISO character sets and SHIFT-JIS for Asian character sets.

The Translation Editor is designed to support a global enterprise with translation tools to assist with the deployment of multilingual sites. Translators are notified via workflow email when content has been created or modified and that content needs to be translated into the language that s/he is responsible for. The RedDot Translation Editor gives the translator a split-screen text editor with one side displaying the original content and the other a text editor ready for the translator to input the content in the language needed.