Red Earth Technologies Releases Superior SQL Builder

Jul 29, 2003

Red Earth Technologies has released Superior SQL Builder, a SQL development product. Superior SQL Builder does not use the traditional query builder method to build single SQL statements as part of the script creation process, it employs a different method. Superior SQL Builder is designed to visually build complete SQL scripts within a single, integrated environment, removes the need to cut-and-paste individual queries to form a SQL script, and allows developers to view an entire script as a single entity.  

Superior SQL Builder's drag-and-drop interface is intended to allow database administrators, developers, and other IT Professionals to quickly develop entire SQL scripts. Users have control over the SQL that is generated and can use the interface provided to create and generate scripts, or they can programmatically access the Document Object from within their own applications.

Superior SQL Builder supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft

Access and MySQL and runs on Windows 98 and above. A fully functional evaluation version of Superior SQL Builder is available online. Program registration is $199, and may be processed from the company's Web site.