Recommind and Force 3 Partner

Feb 18, 2005

Recommind, a provider of advanced text management systems for the corporate and federal markets, has teamed with Force 3 to offer GSA-approved schedule pricing (GS-35F-0785J). Force 3 is an information technology (IT) solutions provider that supplies an integrated set of products and services to help people better manage their network and bandwidth requirements.

The following Recommind software products are now available on the GSA schedule: MindServer Retrieval 3.0 and MindServer Categorization 3.0. MindServer Retrieval 3.0 is a platform for concept-based search using Recommind's patented PLSA technology. MindServer Categorization 3.0 offers content categorization and taxonomy management tools based on Recommind's PLSA technology. Recommind's MindServer platform, based on Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (PLSA), is designed to enable the capture, transformation, analysis, and dissemination of critical unstructured information across multiple domains, languages, and formats.

Recommind is working with federal agencies including NSA, DHS, NIH, Air Force, Army Intelligence, and DIA to aid in the detection of non-obvious concepts and relationships, as well as to categorize and route critical information based on its content. Recommind's text management systems are developed to automatically find, organize, manage, and distribute large volumes of text from multiple sources.