Recommind Unveils Decisiv Email

Jun 11, 2007

Recommind, a provider of enterprise search and automated categorization systems for law firms and enterprises, has unveiled Decisiv Email, a new product that addresses the compliance, ediscovery, and records management needs of large enterprises and professional service firms by handling email. Decisiv Email uses categorization and conceptual search technology to automatically tag, organize, and file email messages and associated attachments. Decisiv Email correlates email-based information with related information in email archives, content management systems, document management systems, records management systems, and other information repositories.

Decisiv Email features include: Microsoft Office integration; automated tagging and filing of incoming and outgoing messages; the ability to delivers up to 5x storage savings over traditional email archiving systems; a system that suggests where to file, prompts the sender to file, and/or informs users if and where an email has been filed; the option to keep emails in Outlook once filed and the ability to file to more than one folder; support for multiple formats including Microsoft Office formats, scanned documents, voicemails and more; the ability for many items to be filed at a time; integrated project management functions such as roles, project templating, and activity reporting; keyword and concept-based searching on structured and unstructured data; and the ability to allow users to see all pertinent information in their most frequently viewed interface.