Recommind Partners With Hummingbird

Feb 27, 2004

Recommind, a provider of text management systems, has announced a partnership with Hummingbird Ltd., a developer of enterprise information management systems.  Hummingbird customers will be able to add the advanced search and categorization capabilities of Recommind's MindSever into their own suite of information management solutions, enabling automated metadata enhancement and broad search across a range of information sources and locations. Recommind will integrate with Hummingbird Enterprise, an integrated suite of applications that includes enterprise portal, document management, records management, knowledge management, collaboration, business intelligence, and data integration technologies. Recommind's text management systems are designed to automatically organize, manage, and distribute large volumes of text from multiple sources. With faster access to the right information, organizations in law, media/publishing, life sciences, and government can save time, enhance the quality of work product, and increase the value of information assets.

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