Recommind Offers MindServer Categorization

Aug 21, 2009


Information risk management software company Recommind has launched a new piece of software called MindServer, which is designed to help large enterprises reduce storage, electronic discovery, and data center costs by automatically categorizing and tagging both new data as it is created and existing data. With electronic information proliferating at an increasing rate and regulations becoming stricter, companies need an easy and cost-effective way to store such files, a need Recommind hopes MindServer can fill. MindServer Categorization works by actively culling data from disparate sources such as document management systems, intranets, web sites, CRM applications, databases, and file systems, or by receiving direct information feeds such as a newswire. Based on the data's content, documents are associated with one or more categories or taxonomies such as topics, geographic locations, document types, industries and language. The automated categorization technology works based on a user-defined rules process to sort material.
MindServer Categorization also includes the following features:

• Integration with any information source including document and records management systems, portals, databases, or websites
• The ability to categorize documents into one or multiple categories in one or multiple taxonomy structures
• In-depth reporting to identify accuracy level by category
• Scalability to hundreds of terabytes of data and millions of users
• Support for over 30 languages and over 400 document formats and file types