Recommind Decisiv Email 3.6 Makes Email Management Mobile

Aug 18, 2011

Recommind released version 3.6 of Decisiv Email, its collaborative email management system. Decisiv Email 3.6 supports email management on mobile devices and is further integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange 2010. The update enables Recommind's Predictiv Filing technology, intelligent automation, storage, and search across Android, iPhone, and Blackberry operating systems.

Mobile devices and smartphones make email more accessible than ever, but managing and organizing email is more difficult from a mobile platform. Recommind designed Decisiv Email 3.6 to give employees the power to share, store, and manage email content from mobile devices. Decisiv Email is powered by Recommind's CORE (context optimized relevancy engine) platform, which also delivers Recommind's Decisiv Search and Axcelerate eDiscovery software.