Recollective Baseline Builds Off Enterprise Platform

Apr 08, 2014

Ramius Corporation, developer of cloud­based social software for engagement and research, announced the launch of Recollective Baseline. This free web­-based service allows anyone to conduct qualitative research studies within a private ongoing online community to help answer the questions that traditional quantitative surveys cannot.

Recollective Baseline is a simplified consumer­-targeted version of Ramius' Recollective Professional, an online community-­based research platform used by marketing research agencies and brands to elicit insights and feedback. With the launch of this free service, Ramius Corporation is making its first public move to open an entirely new market for online qualitative research.

Recollective Baseline provides businesses with a way to gain a better understanding of their customers, allows marketers to test ad concepts, and provides a way to seek feedback on ideas. On the platform, which is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, groups of people can be engaged anywhere and asked open-­ended questions to which they can respond in text, images, videos, files, and other rich media exercises in an easy and organized process.