Realview Launches Partica

Oct 17, 2017

Realview announced the launch of Partica, a cloud-based digital content platform that gives publishers a view into their content, unearthing valuable evergreen articles for re-use and monetization. A feature developed over the last 18 months allows publishers to search through thousands of PDF’s to find content and extract an article as HTML simply, in just a few clicks. As well as ingesting PDF’s, Partica can analyze existing digital content from a website, CMS or RSS feed.

Partica integrates with existing publisher technology stacks, augmenting and enhancing capabilities with minimum disruption to existing practices. A deep learning technology based on artificial intelligence automatically analyzes, tags, indexes, and categorizes the content through self-learning algorithms.

Content in Partica can be accessed, collated, and pushed into brand new distribution and revenue channels such as social media, websites, microsites, newsletters, and syndication all in a matter of minutes.

Partica will launch with the first of a series of new revenue models for publishers, a newsletter publishing service. Publishers can utilize their existing content to provide a curated newsletter service to businesses that need content for their email marketing efforts.